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Federal Industries, Inc.

Founded in 1981, we are an aerospace and defense manufacturer based out of El Segundo, California

Companies partner with us for Fuel, Hydraulic, Electro-Mechanical and Pneumatic Flow Control devices, as well as our Aerial Refueling Digital Hydraulic Actuation systems and components

KC-46 Aerial Refueling

Federal Industries, Inc.


Our proprietary and patented Aerial Refueling Digital Hydraulic Actuation Systems has been successfully implemented on the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus which includes our Hose Reel Hydraulic Motor Assembly (HMA), Planetary Gearbox, Load Sensors and digital Drive System Controller (DSC)


Learn how licensing partnerships with Federal Industries can accelerate your business and provide better results for you and your customers


We are committed to meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements through the best quality standards. All products undergo rigorous quality reviews before they leave our facility and our stringent policies ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.


Delivery deadlines can be delayed for a variety of reasons. Our experienced team can identify supply hurdles in advance and implement creative solutions to overcome these challenges and successfully deliver on-time.


Our success is driven by our highly talented team of employees with many years of accumulated experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Technical expertise and vast industry knowledge is imbedded in the core fabric of our company and the beneficial results are shared with our customers.


Aerial Refueling, Hydraulic, Fuel and Mechanical Controls, Components and Subsystems

aerial refueling hose and drogue

We develop and manufacture aerial refueling digital hydraulic actuation system products.


Examples include our proprietary and patented Hydraulic Motor Assembly, digital Drive System Controller and Gearbox assembly, all of which are successfully integrated on the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus for hose and drogue air-to-air refueling.

hydraulic aerospace and defense parts

Federal Industries, Inc. provides high reliability and performance hydraulic system and subsystem components for the aerospace and defense industry.


Examples include control & check valves, actuators, accumulators, bootstrap reservoirs, and integrated subsystems.

fuel aerospace and defense parts

We have many years of experience developing and manufacturing various fuel system components.


Examples include defuel, level control, shutoff, pressure relief and solenoid valves, as well as Variable Displacement Drive Systems (VDDS) and ejector fuel pumps.

Mechanical aerospace and defense parts

Federal Industries offers high-quality mechanical components for a wide variety of military aircrafts. 


Examples include helicopter rotor dampers, landing gear components, aircraft & external fuel tank structural assemblies, and composite and fiberglass ECS ducts. 


Federal Industries, Inc. is committed to meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system

aerial refueling aerospace and defense

AS9100 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard specialized to the aerospace industry.

A third party registrar conducts annual audits on Federal Industries, Inc. for the design and production of fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic accessories.

This certification shows our dedication to compliance, quality and customer satisfaction.

helicopter dust landing

There are always new opportunities to learn and grow. We continuously invest time and resources into training exercises for our staff so they are armed with the knowledge they need to properly execute their responsibilities. We then conduct regular evaluations to ensure our team members are meeting or exceeding their requirements.


Chinook flares

Our commitment to quality is ingrained in our company ethos. Our internal certified lead auditor is an expert on our established Quality Management System (QMS) and can successfully report and evaluate audit findings, corrective action effectiveness and carry out regular audits.


aircraft flying low over ocean

Federal Industries, Inc. is confident in our abilities to deliver high quality products for our customers. We stand behind our work and welcome our customers to visit our facility to witness and evaluate our processes firsthand. We believe that trust is built on full transparency and we welcome the opportunity to establish deeper cooperation with our customers.



We have designed, developed and qualified proprietary products that support hydraulic and fuel systems and we are licensed to manufacture equipment for these aircrafts




Federal Industries, Inc.


Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award


Defense Supplier Center Richmond "Best Value Gold Medalist"


Bell Helicopter & DCMC approved Quality System

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