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aerial refueling hydraulic motor

We develop and manufacture aerial refueling digital hydraulic actuation system products.


Examples include our proprietary and patented Hydraulic Motor Assembly, digital Drive System Controller and Gearbox Assembly, all of which are successfully integrated on the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus for hose and drogue air-to-air refueling.

hydraulic aerospace and defense parts

Federal Industries provides high reliability and performance hydraulic system and subsystem components for the aerospace and defense industry.


Examples include control & check valves, actuators, accumulators, bootstrap reservoirs, and integrated subsystems.

Fuel Check Valve

We have many years of experience developing and manufacturing various fuel system components.


Examples include defuel, level control, shutoff, pressure relief and solenoid valves, as well as Variable Displacement Drive Systems (VDDS) and ejector fuel pumps.

mechanical aerospace and defense parts

Federal Industries offers high-quality mechanical components for a wide variety of military aircrafts. 


Examples include helicopter rotor dampers, landing gear components, aircraft & external fuel tank structural assemblies, and composite and fiberglass ECS ducts.

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